Medical Reserve Corps


Are you thinking of giving back to your community? Mercer County is looking for individuals who are interested in volunteering their time by joining the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) to support our community prior to, during and after disasters. A MRC is made up of local volunteers who assist in preparing for and responding to public health emergencies. As a MRC you may also be called upon to help during the year with routine events in our community (e.g. Annual Flu Clinics, Health Fairs, Disaster Exercises or Public Health Outreach). Local Corps are usually formed in conjunction with Police, Fire, and the Board of Health in each town. Community citizens without medical training are also encouraged to join and assist with administrative and other essential support functions.

Volunteer Benefits 

Benefits of volunteering with the Medical Reserve Corps:

1. Serve your family, friends, neighbors and loved ones in your town and beyond

2. Be part of a team trained to provide medical, public, and mental health support during an emergency

3. Network with other medical and public health professionals, as part of a critically important and specialized team

4. Participate in initiatives that enhance and strengthen public health such as vaccination and health education programs

5. An MRC trained volunteer could be part of a team mobilized to serve our community during an emergency such as a flood, tornado or a public health outbreak

6. Free training and continuing education credits for topics such as:

  •   Personal safety in emergency situations
  •   Sheltering
  •   Emergency management
  •   Incident Command System
  •   Existing local emergency plans, procedures, and facilities


After we receive your registration, a confirmation letter will be sent to you. You will also receive training material and be notified of local volunteer training opportunities. For more information contact the Mercer County Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator Bill Steinbrunner at [email protected] or 419-586-3251 X 1286.