Campgrounds are regulated under the authority of Chapter 3729 of the Ohio Revised Code and Chapter 3701-26 of the Ohio Administrative Code.

State law requires that all campgrounds be licensed by local health departments, and inspected to verify that campers are properly spaced, sewage / wastewater is properly handled, and free from nuisances or safety issues. The Ohio Department of Health reviews plans for new campgrounds to verify that proper design standards are met in lot arrangements and utility installation.
Ohio Department of Health, RV park and campground homepage:

The Mercer County – Celina City Health Department requires temporary licenses to be obtained for one-time camping events. The temporary license requires provisions for proper solid waste handling, provision of portable toilets, and a plan for spacing arrangements. The temporary campground license fee is $10.00 per day. Call the health department or stop by if you need a temporary campground license application.

For a list of licensed campgrounds in Mercer County click here: Licensed Campgrounds

Starting July 2016 inspection reports are available here: Campground Inspections. Call (419) 586-3251 x1272 for prior reports.