Consultations on Indoor Air Quality

The Mercer County – Celina City Health Department commonly receives questions regarding indoor air quality. Although we do not provide testing services for indoor air contaminants, including mold, we can provide general advice for short term solutions for mold and other types of contamination clean up and contact information for private firms that do provide testing services.  A couple of local private firms include:

ERA Tech, Kettering, Ohio, 937-859-8998 (mold testing and analysis, Adenosine triphosphate testing for verification of clean surfaces)

Miami Valley Environmental Services, Centerville, Ohio, 937-859-1111, MVES website (mold remediation / removal)

Allied Environmental Services, Inc. 1-800-992-5781

Turn-Key Environmental Consultants, Inc. 937-335-8807

Mold Cleanup fact sheet

Request a FREE Radon Test Kit here!

Radon is a cancer-causing gas that can infiltrate homes through the soil around basements or crawl spaces. Through the Regional Air Pollution Control Agency, we have been provided with coupons for free radon test kits, which you can obtain at our office. We also have informational brochures which can be picked up at our office.

For more information on indoor air quality issues, visit the Ohio Department of Health website at:
or the Center for Disease Control website at:

Ohio’s Smoke Free Workplace regulations are enforced by the Ohio Department of Health within Mercer County. To report violations please call 1-800-559-6446.

For more information regarding the Smoke Free Workplace regulations, visit Ohio Department of Health website at: