Private Water Systems

Private water systems are regulated under the authority of Chapter 3701.344 of the Ohio Revised Code and Chapter 3701-28 of the Ohio Administrative Code.

This program covers siting and installation of drinking water wells. Inspections are performed at the drilling site prior to installation to determine proper location of the well. Properly locating a well means that the regulations on distance set backs from possible contamination sources, structures and property lines are met. Upon completion of the well, water samples are collected to ensure bacteria-free water. Annually, well drillers are observed in the process of drilling a well to determine that regulation requirements for construction of a well are met.

Property owners are required to obtain permits prior to well drilling, so please contact our office to schedule an appointment for a site inspection.

Another component to this program is the voluntary water sample collection service. Anyone utilizing a well in Mercer County can request a bacteriological water test. An environmental staff member will come to your home to collect the sample. The fee for sample collection is $42.00 per sample, payable at the time of sample collection. (You may also contact the Celina Water Treatment Plant to perform your own test… see below for contact information.) The water is tested using standard drinking water indicators, which are called total coliform bacteria. If the bacteria are found in the water, the water is considered unsafe for drinking. In the case of an unsafe result, we will recommend that you disinfect your well. See below for instructions.

Well Disinfection Procedure

Cistern Disinfection Procedure

Completion Form (pump form)

Microbiological Standards for private water systems 2012

Homeowner’s Guide to Constructing a Well

Water Basics

Well Driller List

Resources / Contacts:

Celina Water Treatment Plant 419-586-2270

Brookside Laboratory, New Bremen, Ohio 419-977-2766

Ohio Department of Health, Private Water Systems homepage:

Ohio Department of Natural Resources website (to look up records of well drilling logs in Ohio):