Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps (BCMH)

Frequently asked Questions

What is BCMH?

BCMH is a tax supported health care program of the Ohio Department of Health.  The program links families with services to diagnose a potential handicapping condition (Diagnostic Program) and assists with ongoing services for children with an eligible medical need (Treatment Program).

Who Qualifies for BCMH?
Ages 0 – 21
Permanent residents of Ohio
Under the care of a BCMH – approved doctor.
Eligible Medical Condition

Diagnostic Program*- Can receive services to rule out or diagnose a special
medical need or establish a plan of treatment , including:
Tests and x-rays
Visits to BCMH-approved doctors
Up to 5 days in the hospital
Public Health nursing services
Therapy evaluations
* No financial guideline restrictions with diagnostic program.

Treatment Program**- Links treatment services to those with a medically eligible condition, including:
Tests and x-rays
Doctor visits
Prescription Medications
Medical equipment and supplies
Surgeries and hospitalizations
Service Coordination
Public Health Nurse services
Hearing Aids

**Financial eligibility restrictions for treatment  program.

What medical needs qualify for BCMH?

Some examples of eligible conditions are:
Hearing Loss
Chronic lung Disease
Heart Defects
Cystic Fibrosis
Severe Vision Problems
Cerebral Palsy
Juvenile Arthritis
Seizure Disorders
Spina Bifida
Metabolic Disorders
Cleft lip\palate

When does BCMH Pay?

BCMH requires other available resources, such as Medicaid or private insurance, pay first. BCMH may supplement insurance when there is inadequate coverage, such as exclusions to pre-existing conditions or large deductibles.

How do I apply?

First, make a contact to one of the following:
1. A BCMH healthcare provider (physician).  This is the quickest method.
2. A public health nurse at the Mercer County Celina City Health Department, Amy Eblen  (419-586-3251 Extension 1282).
3. The BCMH office at the Ohio Department of Health (1-800-755-4769).
Next, you may be asked to apply for Healthy Start or Medicaid.
Completed applications are to be sent to Mercer County Job and Family services, 220 W. Livingston St., Celina Ohio 45822 phone:419-586-5106.
The application may be obtained from MCJFS, the health department or you can download the application by clicking on the file below.
Healthy Start Application.pdf