Car Safety Seat Program

Are Your Kids Safe?

Motor Vehicle Crashes are the #1 cause of death for children and adults, ages 1 to 34 years.  Selecting a safe vehicle and properly using child restraints and seatbelts may be the most important things you can do to protect your family.

Nationally, the misuse rate for child safety seats is over 80% and as high as 95% in some areas.   The good news is that correct use of car seats and boosters does save lives.  Infant seats have been shown to reduce fatal injury by 71%, and toddler seats by 54%.

The Ohio Buckles Buckeyes (OBB) Program provides child safety seats and booster seats to eligible low income families in all Ohio counties. In order to receive an OBB seat, income eligible families (such as a family enrolled in the WIC program) must attend a video/training here at Mercer County Health Dept. that teaches the safety features of the car seat, including how to install it in a vehicle the right way so that it can protect the child best. All seats are new! A donation of $20 for a convertible car seat (5-65lb) & $10.00 for a booster seat is requested. For more information or to sign up call (419) 586-3251 x1277.

The parent or guardian must attend an educational session on proper use and installation of the child safety seat, then a certified Child passenger safety technician will inspect your seat for correct installation.

Program Eligibility

1.Child is a WIC client or meets current WIC Income Guidelines.
2.Child has outgrown present carseat.
3.Appointment has been scheduled.